Twight R1


Sprints 1 24/10/2015 Results


Points 1 and 2 Results


Working Bee and Icebreaker Summary

The working bee this year was a little low on numbers but a everyone had something to do and we got through the cleaning ok.   A big thank you to all members contributing. Next year we hope to be able to get the runners to help as they have indicated some interest.   There are a still a few maintenance items to attend to and these will be dealt with as the season progresses.

We have been using second hand computers in the Tower for the last few years and they (more than one) did not restart this year,  We now have a new computer with a three years warranty, and thanks Josh and John to get us back up and running.

Sailing in the Icebreaker was “Huffy Puffy” some missing the finishing line, but normal “Hamilton” conditions. A few boat issues were discovered pre and during sailing - good to identify and sort them before the season starts. Hopefully we will see a larger crowd this coming week, please remind fellow sailors to get off the couch….

Thanks to Helen for the latest “Broad Reach” - looks great. 

Icebreaker results


Draft Calendar 2015-2016

Here is the draft calendar. If you contributed to the running of the races last year I have likely put you down for some duties this season. Please have a look through to see if there are any dates you know you won't be able to help out at the club. Hutch, I have given you a rest from sailing and put you down as race officer for the last Wednesday in January and the first Wednesday in February.

Draft Calendar